Primary School overview

Welcome to Plainsview Primary School

At Plainsview we provide all children with a safe and secure environment that encourages children to realise their full potential. It is our aim to identify and nurture a child’s talents, and provide a quality education that will give her or him a head-start in life.

With a keen focus on providing holistic education for our pupils, we embrace an approach that addresses all facets of growth and development. Our aim is to make every pupil the best he/she can in all areas of development. Our activities are, therefore well planned and tailor made to enable the learner attain maximum knowledge through practical participation.

We provide holistic education for our pupils.

Mission & Vision


“To provide a holistic education that enables each learner to acquire knowledge, and to develop social and moral values, through a friendly learning environment where professionals help the student realize his or her highest potential.


“To be a centre of excellence in the provision of quality kindergarten and primary school education”.

Our Core Values

Our core values are

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Leading by example

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